Black Orchid, often called just B.Orchid is a character developed by Rareware which debuted in Killer Instinct

B.Orchid Killer Instinct Arcade 

Killer Instinct (Arcade)


Killer Instinct (SNES)

B.Orchid Killer Instinct 2 Arcade 

Killer Instinct 2 / Gold

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Black Orchid was introduced as the only woman in Killer Instinct in 1994.

She returned with a different look, different moves in the sequel Killer Instinct 2 in 1996. This was her last appearance in a video game.

B.Orchid will most likely be back in the new Killer Instinct for the XBox One in November 2013.

Beside Fulgore she is most likely the most popular Killer Instinct character.

 Her fighting style is mainly based on her weapons and fast kicks.

B.Orchid is a playable character in all three Killer Instinct games, she was one of the first characters shown in Killer Instinct (2013).


B.Orchid from the Killer Instinct Games: an Overview

Charactername: Black Orchid (Nickname)   Developed /Created by Rare
Gameseries: Killer Instinct   First seen in: Arcades
First Game: Killer Instinct   Year first seen in: 1994
Last Game:  Killer Instinct (2013)   Birthplace: ?
Role(s) and Characteristics: Fighting Game Character   Weapons or Martial Arts Style:  
Additional Tags:     Similar Characters:  
Has Relations to: Jago (Brother)   See also:  


Official Art and the development of Black Orchid from Killer Instinct (Arcade) till Killer Instinct Gold (N64)

Killer Instinct (1994)

Black Orchid is a spy, and tries to find out informations while working as a secretary for Ultratech, the company which organized the Killer Instinct tournament to test their fighters Fulgore, Riptor and Eyedol. She is 23 years old according to her original bio.

B.Orchid’s full identity and also the name of the party who hired her as spy remains unknown through the Killer Instinct series, she does not know everything about her family and whereabouts too it seems. She enters the tournament to find out more informations. In her ending, she successfully gathered enough informations together to defeat the corruption in the Ultratech company.

Orchid Animation from Killer Instinct

In Killer Instinct, B.Orchid has a wild mix of special moves which are either related to her “light saber” weapons, a Flick Flak move which looks a bit similar to Chun Li’s “Spinning Bird Kick” , a projectile move and a special where she can transform herself into a “Fire Cat”.

B.Orchid also got a finishing move where she shows her breasts to her opponents which make them die in shock…this finishing move raised more than some eyebrows at the time and was a fan favourite. Her other “No Mercy” move is almost as brutal as those in MK usually, she transforms her opponent into a tiny frog and the player can choose to stomp on it.

Black Orchid and Jago Killer Instinct Promo Art 

Promo and Concept Art of B.Orchid from Killer Instinct:

Black Orchid vs Riptor Killer Instinct Orchid-Killer-Instinct Orchid-KI1 Orchid-Killer-Instinct-KI B.Orchid-Concept-Art Black-Orchid-Concept-Art

B-Orchid Killer Instinct 2 Render 

Killer Instinct 2 / Gold (1996)

After defeating the final boss Eyedol, she and almost all fighters of the tournament are somehow sucked around 2000 years in the past.


Below you can see most of the ending scenes


 Her official Bio by Rareware is the following:

The lethal secret agent remains as enigmatic as always. Had she been caught and detained in her infiltration of Ultratech, the authorities would eventually have exposed her as a valued asset of an international spy organization. However, Orchid’s role in the tournament and ultimate victory over the warlord Eyedol yielded some very unexpected results, leaving not only her but most of Ultratech trapped two millennia in the past with rather more urgent concerns on their hands.

In Killer Instinct 2, multiple endings are possible per character, depending on the player’s actions like killing a specific enemy.

If B.Orchid kills Sabrewulf, Gargos the boss of KI2 reveals to her that Jago is her brother and that they were separated at birth.Gargos curses Orchid however and predicts that both will be dead soon.

If she kills Jago and also Sabrewulf, she can go home (somehow) but has to life with being responsible of the death of her brother.

If Orchid kills neither Jago or Sabrewulf, the player sees the only “happy end” for Black Orchid. She and Jago learn about being brother and sister, Gargos is defeated but possesses Sabrewulf, Jago dodges his attacks and defeats him and both can go home…

The worst ending for Orchid happens if the player decides to kill only Jago. Gargos is defeated but he curses Orchid..possesses Sabrewulf and kills Orchid and gets his vengeance.

B.Orchid KI2 Ending 

B.Orchid KI2 Ending 2

Black Orchid Killer Instinct 2 Ending

Promo/Concept/ Fun Art of B.Orchid from Killer Instinct 2 released by Rareware:

Black Orchid Car Wash Service by Rareware

Black Orchid KIGold B.Orchid-Promo-KI2 Orchid vs Glacius Raraware KI Gold

Killer Instinct (2013)

b-orchid-killer-instinct-2013-official-art black-orchid-killer-instinct-official-wallpaper-new-look black-orchid-killer-instinct-official-wallpaper-classic-skin

B.Orchid returned as one of the first characters in the third Killer Instinct game and looked quite different now, but her classic design was soon available as dlc. 


In 1996, a six issues long Killer Instinct Comic series was released where Black Orchid was featured of course and played one of the main protagonist roles:

Killer-Instinct-Comic-Issue #1 Orchid-Killer-Instinct-Comic Orchid Killer Instinct Comic   Orchid Killer Instinct Comic



Black Orchid Game-Art-HQ Killer Instinct Tribute

by Emmanuel Kongolo



Featured B.Orchid Fan and Cosplay Art:

Orchid Killer Instinct by Emmanuel Kongolo

Orchid from Killer Instinct

by Emmanuel Kongolo

By Alexyscosplay



by TakagiNaoSama



Orchid from Killer Instinct 2

by Ganassa


b-orchid-killer-instinct-3d-model-render-art-1-by_zabzarock b-orchid-killer-instinct-3d-model-render-art-fighting-stance-by_zabzarock b-orchid-killer-instinct-3d-model-render-art-sexy-by_zabzarock

Black Orchid in her classic design, remodeled in 3D by ZabZarock


Black Orchid is one of the most drawn Killer Instinct characters, and was also cosplayed by a few beautiful and skilled cosplayers.

Jago vs Orchid Killer Instinct by Tovio Rogers

 Orchid vs Jago by Tovio Rogers

I contacted artists and cosplayers to show you a small selection of some of the maybe best looking illustrations by fans about her.


Made for the Game-Art-HQ / FGE Killer Instinct Art Contest in Summer 2013:

B.Orchid Fan Art by Stephen Zavala

by Alpha-Step

Classic B.Orchid Fan Art by Origo Games

by Origo Games

Sexy B.Orchid from Killer Instinct by Mominur Rahman

by Mominur Rahman

Black Orchid Cosplay by EccentricCasey

by EccentricCasey


Selected Black Orchid Fan Art & Cosplays based on her look in the games:

B.Orchid Cosplay based on Classic Costume in the new Killer Instinct ny Nebulaluben

Cosplay of her Classic Costume in Killer Instinct (2013)

by Nebulaluben

Killer Instinct Orchid by by Jaime Herrera
by Jaime Herrera

Black Orchid Killer Instinct Art by Pio Paulo Santana

by Pio Paulo Santana

Orchid Killer Instinct XB One by_franco ferrari

by Franco Ferrari

B.Orchid Killer Instinct by Carlos Corea

by Carlos Corea

Orchid from Killer Instinct Gold by Dan DeMille

by Dan DeMille


by GC3K

B Orchid Killer Instinct 2 Gold by_zabzarock

by ZabZarock

B. Orchid Killer Instinct Gold by Tovio Rogers

 by Tovio Rogers

B.Orchid Killer Instinct by Wilfredo López

by Wilfredo López


Selected B.Orchid Sprite Art:

-None Yet-



What Gamers like you and me think about Black Orchid the sexy spy from the Killer Instinct games:

 Well..back in 1993 when the first screens of Killer Instinct were revealed as a game for the  Nintendo’s “Ultra 64” console.. -which we never got sadly- i was blown away by the graphics, the music..the fast gameplay which was not seen before in Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat on that level. B.Orchid was shown transforming in that fire cat special move and we kids were like “WTF” . When i played the game for the first time in a Dutch arcade, B.Orchid and Jago became my favourite characters in no time due to Jago being a Ninja and Orchid was sexy, reminding me a bit at Chun Li and had a ton of wonderful moves and combos. Her stage with that “Killer Feeling” song “such a feeling killer..killer..baby” gave her a bit more personality and it was simply awesome to fight there as her and doing all those long combos which would throw her opponent off the building in the end. 

In Killer Instinct 2 she was still cool but something about her face turned me off, i missed her old visual look and her new specials showed a ton of DAT ASS but were not as fun to see as her older moves. If we ever see KI3, i hope she gets redesigned again.

Review / Opinion by the GA-HQ Admin Reinhold “GBK” Hoffmann

 Updates and additions in the B.Orchid Game Art Gallery and Character Overview:

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