B.Orchid Cosplay Sexy Curves by_TakagiNaoSama


This cosplay of B.Orchid from the Killer Instinct series might be from 2009 already but its still great and when i wrote the B.Orchid article 2 weeks ago i thought this should be included for sure!

One of the B.Orchid fan arts / illustrations made for our upcoming Killer Instinct art tribute is actually based on this cosplay.

Its still one of the sexiest and coolest cosplays of Orchid and make me hope Orchid would get her old design in that new KI game for the XB180 too.

The cosplay itself and the model is TakagiNaoSama while the photos were made by Mike from DeathCom.net


B.Orchid Killer Instinct Cosplayer by_TakagiNaoSama