Orchid Cosplay KI by_alexyscosplay B-Orchid Killer Instinct 2 Render Cosplay of B.Orchid by_alexyscosplay

She’s a Killer!

Killer Killer..such a Feeling..ohhhhh Killer Feeling!

Sorry..could not resist to listen to “K.I Feeling” the old B.Orchid theme from the original Killer Instinct while writing this little article!

That song as well as the character were super awesome at the time and honestly, i really prefer B.Orchid’s old designs over her new one in Killer Instinct for the XBox One where she wears googles and well..it looks really bad.

But whats not looking bad for sure is Valentina , more known as AlexysCosplay from Italy here.

She cosplayed B.Orchid in her Killer Instinct 2 / Gold design including a few different tiwsts like a different hairstyle, and i think the make up around her eyes is different too, in general she created a very faithful to the source costume though and gives Orchid another moment to shine!

Now that Killer Instinct is back and will most likely be a popular thing for a while, i bet we will see many more cosplays of her, makes me wonder if cosplayers will mix her old and new designs, or just try out the new one now.

Thanks and Kudos to AlexysCosplay for sticking to the old one!


You can see many more of her cosplays on dA at her gallery here

The photos were made by Fotomania

The after editing for the image on the right was done by Baku-Project


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B.Orchid Cosplayer Killer Instinct  by_alexyscosplay
Killer Instinct Orchid Sexy Cosplay by_alexyscosplay B.Orchid Cosplay from Killer Instinct by_alexyscosplay



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