Vi  “The Piltover Enforcer” from the League of Legends got quite a lot awesome looking fan art and we featured a few of them here already!


Here is another impressive illustration of her which looks so professional that it could be a official take on her by the Riot Games artists in my opinion but was made by the professional  Russian artist Dmitri Grebenkov who draws video game related fan art sometimes, his gallery on deviantART is quite versatile and yu can find a lot more there

Vi Fan Art by_dmitry grebenkov


Other League of Legend  and Vi fan art recently featured on Game-Art-HQ

Vi League of Legends Fan Art Cyberpunk Concept by_kashuse

Cyberpunk Skin for Vi Concept & Splash Art by Kashuse

Sona Fan Art League of Legends

Sona by Ayashiroi

Sexy Foxy Ahri Fan Art by_artgerm

Ahri by Artgerm