Jago vs Orchid Killer Instinct by Tovio Rogers

For Tovio Rogers, the artist behind this Jago vs Orchid fight scene this was a “warm up” and he drew the lines while he had his breakfast and colored it during watching “Good Luck Charlie” ..for me ..its one of the damn best Killer Instinct illustrations drawn by fans out there.

Tovio is a professional through and through and a lot of his video game related fan arts are featured on Game-Art-HQ now.

Those among you who played Killer Instinct 2 back in the mid nineties might remember that Jago’s clothes were slightly different in the original, but some design changes to give him a new..not sliced up shirt really don’t hurt!

B.Orchid KI2 Ending

B. Orchid and Jago in Killer Instinct 2