Trapinch using Sand Tomb by SkullKidRoss

Ross Jones previously known as the TheExileKing and HerbivoreRoss but now known as SkullKidRoss is one of the many artists that participated for the first time in a Game-Art-HQ Collaboration Project when he heard about our Pokemon Tribute back in summer 2016.

I liked his style to draw them with traditional tools like Pencils and the sketchy look makes his three takes on Golbat, Parasect, and Koffing quite unique among the 300 illustrations in our first part of the big Pokemon Tribute we have ongoing here. He continued his excellent work with Jumpluff, Chinchou, and Spinarak in 2017!  He returned in 2018 again with Trapinch, Whismur, and Beautifly for our Project     

Check out his whole gallery here!

Sand Tomb

“The foe is trapped inside a painful sandstorm for two to five turns.”


Sand Tomb is a damaging Ground-Type move introduced in Generation III where the user summons a whirlwind of sand to trap the opponent.  Once engulfed in the vortex, the opponent can be hit from 2-5 turns by its painful effects with a power level of 15 max per turn.

A Pokemon trapped in Sand Tomb cannot escape or switch out, unless the Pokemon can perform Rapid Spin. Trapinch can learn Sand Tomb quite early on at level 12.

Trapinch’s Arena Trap by Flames-Flare

Flames-Flare aka. Corinne Rose from the USA is a young artist that joined the Pokemon Generation III Tribute when the majority of the Pokemon were already illustrated. She impressed us with her beautiful method to paint with traditional tools that gave the Pokemon her own unique look. In the end, she created not less than four submissions for our big collaboration with Anorith, Trapinch, Carvanha, and Zigzagoon!

Have a look at her whole gallery that includes many more Pokemon artworks here!

Arena Trap

“Immobilizes any attacker except Flying-type and levitating foes.”

Arena Trap is a Ground-Type ability introduced in Generation III. The Arena Trap will prevent any non-flying/levitating foe from escaping, switching out or fleeing. Only Ground-Type Pokemon are in possession of this Ability.

Despite it’s supposed “death grip” on an opponent, there are quite a few ways to prevent being trapped by the Arena Trap. Moves such as Baton Pass, U-Turn and Parting Shot will allow a Pokemon to switch out from its grasp. Having a Smoke Ball can also come in handy for a Pokemon to escape from it; though the Pokemon still cannot switch out. Arena Trap is one of two abilities Trapinch can know, the other being Hyper Cutter and it has a bonus hidden ability as well, Sheer Force!

#328 – Trapinch

“Trapinch’s nest is a sloped, bowl-like pit dug in sand. This Pokémon patiently waits for prey to tumble down the pit. Its giant jaws have enough strength to crush even boulders.”

Trapinch is a Ground-type Pokémon that was introduced in Generation III. This round-headed chomping terror evolves into Vibrava at level 35 and then into Flygon at level 45.

Living in hot arid deserts, this Pokemon creates a sand-pit for itself and waits for unsuspecting prey to fall down it’s sloped side. Once the prey falls the Trapinch will latch onto it with its powerful jaws and enjoy the remains of its unfortunate victim. Nothing can escape it’s powerful jaws, as they are powerful enough to crush even boulders. Their patience is also nothing to sneeze at as they can wait for an entire week without water for prey to fall in.

Pokemon are not the only potential victims to fall into a Trapinch’s pit. Some humans (including Ash) having fallen into it’s trap in some particular episodes of the anime. Despite being ferocious and frightening as it already is; it’s only the first form of three. Once evolved it will gradually transform itself from a pint-sized horror to a more benign looking Vibrava. If dedicated to its evolution enough it will eventually turn into the magnificent Flygon.


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