Whismur using Hyper Voice by SkullKidRoss

Ross Jones previously known as the TheExileKing and HerbivoreRoss but now known as SkullKidRoss is one of the many artists that participated for the first time in a Game-Art-HQ Collaboration Project when he heard about our Pokemon Tribute back in summer 2016.

I liked his style to draw them with traditional tools like Pencils and the sketchy look makes his three takes on Golbat, Parasect, and Koffing quite unique among the 300 illustrations in our first part of the big Pokemon Tribute we have ongoing here. He continued his excellent work with Jumpluff, Chinchou, and Spinarak in 2017!  He returned in 2018 again with Trapinch, Whismur, and Beautifly for our Project.     


Check out his whole gallery here!

Hyper Voice

“The user lets loose a horribly loud shout with the power to damage.”

Hyper Voice is a damaging Normal-Type move introduced in Generation II where the user screams forward devastating sound waves.  Powerful as it is, it has no secondary effects and is easily canceled out by Pokemon with the Soundproof ability, but it can hit all adjacent opponents in double and triple battles.

Whismur can learn the move at level 45 (51 in Generation V, 50 in X and Y and 39 since Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire).


Whismur using Sleep Talk by TheUltione

The Ultione or just called Ulti is a big part and one of the helpers behind the scenes on Game-Art-HQ since years now. Be it through looking over the submissions we are getting on DeviantART or through the “5 Video Game Fan Arts of the Week” Journals in our Group by Ulti. But this take on Whismur is finally the first drawn submission by him for one of our art collaborations, may many more follow 🙂

Please check out his whole gallery here!


Sleep Talk

“While it is asleep, the user randomly uses one of the moves it knows.”

Sleep Talk will randomly select and use a move while the user is asleep (it will fail if the user is not sleeping).  It can use moves that have no PP left as it deducts from Sleep Talk’s remaining PP.

Whismur can learn the move at level 41 (45 since Generation V and 36 since ORAS).



#293 – Whismur

“Its cries equal a jet plane in volume. It inhales through its ear canals. Because of this system, it can cry continually without having to catch its breath.”

Whismur is a Normal-type Pokémon that can evolve into Loudred starting at level 20 and then into Exploud at level 40.  They have their own personal space inside caves, but they’re so timid almost anything can startle them.

One reason that they’re difficult to find is their normal voice – it’s so quiet it can barely even hear itself.  But if there’s any sign of danger at all, it can shriek out a long and continuous cry that can even pierce through thunder.  Its large ears are used to both listen and breathe in – and once they’re shut, Whismur’s cries stop.  Its bawling can exhaust it so much that it’ll fall asleep on the spot. Whismur’s first appearance in the animé was under the care of Alanna, a trainer who took part in the Trick House challenge for a year’s supply of Pokéblocks. 

She stuck with Ash’s party and faced a struggle to keep her Whismur by her side, only for it to get caught by Team Rocket and eventually escaped with its own techniques.  Its Soundproof ability made it the only Pokémon to not fall asleep to Jigglypuff’s singing, though it did during its encore at the end out of sheer exhaustion.


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