Camerupt using Eruption by Sandstormer

 Daysia aka Sandstormer from the USA is a big Pokemon fan that draws the creatures often anyway, and I think her contributions to our Project in the form of Electabuzz, Clefable and Venonat were nothing special for her, but she tried out some ideas to draw with more perspective and I think that worked out great! In 2017 she continued to be a part of our Pokemon Tribute with her take on Delibird while she returned with not less than four more Pokemon in our Gen. III Tribute!

I recommend to see her whole gallery at dA where you can see many more Pokemon illustrations and also original characters by her.


“The higher the user’s HP, the more powerful this attack becomes.”

Eruption is a volcanic Fire-Type attack where the damage dealt depends on the user’s HP. The power of the attack formula works basically like this: Power = 150 X Current HP/Overall HP.

The power cannot be less than one; so subsequently it varies between its 1 and 150 power base. Needless to say; the lower the user’s HP, the less damage is dealt. Camerupt learns Eruption at level 52. 

Camerupt using Earth Power by ShadeofShinon

ShadeOfShinon from Finland joined Game-Art-HQ back in early 2013 when I asked her if I could feature her take on Noivern from Pokemon X/Y on the site. Kadabra and Rapidash for our Pokemon Gen I Tribute in 2016 were her first submissions for our art collaborations.

In 2017, she joined our Gen II Tribute very quickly and claimed Dunsparce and Lanturn.  She returned for our Gen III Tribute as well and created wonderful illustrations of Dustox, Aggron, and Camerupt for it. She is also on board our upcoming Gen IV Project as well!

She has tons of amazing stuff throughout her whole gallery on DeviantArt here! You can see something really beautiful there 🙂

Earth Power

“The user makes the ground under the foe erupt with power. It may also lower the target’s Special Defense.“

Earth Power is a Ground-Type attack move introduced in Generation IV.

The user causes a massive attack that comes directly at the target from below. The move has a 10% chance of lowering the target’s special Defense as well. Camerupt can learn Earth Power at level 26.

#320 Camerupt

“Camerupt has a volcano inside its body. Magma of 18,000 degrees F courses through its body. Occasionally, the humps on this Pokémon’s back erupt, spewing the superheated magma. “

Camerupt is a dual Fire/Ground type Pokémon that debuted in Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald. It lives in the volcanic regions of Hoenn as the evolved form of Numel at level 33.

Much larger than it’s previous Numel form and with an extra hump filled with magma, Camerupt is a more destructive force than ever before. It is also more emotionally charged and aware of its surroundings than it’s previous dim-witted form. When it is enraged, violent eruptions spew forth from it’s dual volcanic humps.

The humps on its back erupt every ten years as a natural occurrence. Pokemon researchers are still not sure what causes this phenomenon even with a captured Camerupt. One thing is certain however; when enraged it will not hesitate to release destructive volcanic forces. Ash’s Pikachu found this out the hard way when he struck one with his Iron Tail move. It took Alakazam and his Rain Dance move to quell the eruption before further damage could be done.


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