Venonat used Poison Powder by Sandstormer

Daysia aka Sandstormer from the USA is a big Pokemon fan that draws the creatures often anyway, and I think her contributions to our Project in the form of Electabuzz, Clefable and Venonat were nothing special for her, but she tried out some ideas to draw with more perspective and I think that worked out great!

I recommend to see her whole gallery at dA where you can see many more Pokemon illustrations and also original characters by her.


“A technique that poisons the target. If poisoned, the victim loses HP steadily”

The Poison Powder move deals no damage directly but has a 75% chance of poisoning the opponent which will result in a steadily loss of HP until the effect disappears. It is ineffective against Poison-type and Steel-type Pokemon though and is also obsolete if the opponent is guarded through Immune as its ability. 


Venonat used Leech Life by LordOrenamus

LordOrenamus from France joined the Pokémon Tribute and our Community in June when the project was ongoing already for a month, unlike the majority of the other artists, he used traditional tools like pencils to illustrate the Pokémon.

I recommend to have a look at his gallery on dA, there is more video game fan art there 🙂 


“The user drains the target’s blood. The user’s HP is restored by half the damage taken by the target”

Leech Life is one of the Bug-Type moves and deals not only damage but has the nice side effect that up to 50% of the taken damage is used to restore Venonat’s own HP.

The fitting Japanese name for this move is “Suck Blood”. Over 20 Pokemon can learn Leech Life through levelling, starting with Zubat and currently ending with Noivern from Pokemon X/Y.



“Lives in the shadows of tall trees where it eats insects. It is attracted by light at night”

Venonat is one of the smallest Pokemon in the first Generation but actually a predator that hunts smaller insects. It is classified as a Bug/Poison Type Pokemon and can evolve into Venomoth. 


Pokemon Gen I Art Collaboration Logo by SuperEdco

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