Rapidash used Flare Blitz by ShadeofShinon

ShadeOfShinon joined Game-Art-HQ back in early 2013 when I asked her if I can feature her take on Noivern from Pokemon X/Y on the site, but Kadabra and Rapidash for our Pokemon Gen I Tribute were her first submissions for one of our art collaborations.

She has a ton of amazing stuff in her whole gallery which you can find here!


“The user cloaks itself in fire and charges at the foe. The user sustains serious damage, too. “

Flare Blitz is a powerful Fire-Type attack introduced in Generation IV. It is sort of a double-edged sword with equal amounts of benefits and risk.

Among the benefits are the chances of both burning the target and thawing out of Frozen status. But in exchange the user will be damaged by the recoil of the move equal to one third of the damage the target receives.



Rapidash used Horn Drill by scowlingelf

Scowlingelf is a part of Game-Art-HQ’s community since around three years now and contributed a handful of illustrations for the big Link’s Blacklist project but also participated in other art collaborations and drew Jade from Beyond Good and Evil among other game characters.

Scowlingelf was also one of the first that joined our Pokemon Tribute and claimed Eevee, Dugtrio and drew finally the cutest take on Rapidash I have ever seen. Have a look at Scowlingelf’s whole gallery here!


“A single-hit knockout attack. Learned only by Pokémon with a horn or horns.“

Horn Drill is a very powerful Normal-Type attack introduced in Generation I. If it connects, it has the ability to deliver a one-hit K.O. to the opponent. Hence why it’s PP usage is very short and the accuracy very low. As it’s name suggests; only Pokemon with horn or horns can use this move.



“Very competitive, this Pokémon will chase anything that moves fast in the hopes of racing it”

Another graceful Fire-Type Pokemon next to Ninetales, Rapidash is a the final form of Ponyta starting at Level 40. Like Ponyta it is built for speed, but much faster. It is capable of reaching incredible speeds of 150 MPH; easily outrunning most sports cars. (It’s endurance helps it a lot too.)

Actually it has a natural inclination to race; reaching its top speed in only ten strides and practically flying off the ground.


Pokemon Gen I Art Collaboration Logo by SuperEdco

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