Medicham using High Jump Kick by Koui

 Koui was one of the first artists that claimed one of the 151 Gen I Pokémon in 2016 and always returned for the following Generation Tributes! 

She is a member of the Game-Art-HQ Community on dA since years and contributed a good couple more really cool video game artworks including a Ryo Sakazaki in his classic Art of Fighting look or Adon from Street Fighter Alpha. among many more.


You can view her whole gallery here!

High Jump Kick

“The target is attacked with a knee kick from a jump. If it misses, the user is hurt instead.”

High Jump Kick is an incredibly powerful Fighting-type move with a whopping attack power of 130! Despite the extreme damage the move can do, if the user misses to land the attack on its opponent then they will suffer damage equal to half of their health, and with an accuracy of 90% there’s always a small risk involved when using this move.

It was first introduced in generation I as the signature move of Hitmonlee and up until X and Y was spelt as ‘Hi Jump Kick’. Medicham can learn this move at level 28.


Medicham using Psychic by CorvusAstrum

Corvus Astrum is one of the few artists from Switzerland that are a part of our art collaborations so far, she joined with her take on Medicham in June 2018 and I look forward to seeing her returning when we continue our series in 2019 with Generation IV. 



“A Psychic-type attack. Has a one-in-three chance of lowering the target’s Special rating”

Psychic (Known in Japan as Psychokinesis) is one of the most popular Psychic-Type moves.

It does not only deal damage to the enemy but has a 33,3% chance to lower the Special stats/moves by one stage. Since Gen II it also has a 10% chance to decrease the Special Defense by one stage. The first Pokemon in the Pokedex that can learn Psychic through learning is the Venonat. Medicham can learn Psychic by being taught it through TM.

Somehow it is a tradition in our art Pokemon collaboration that something gets screwed up, like artists are not able to draw the claimed character, or we sign three artists instead of two. This was happening with Medicham in Gen III just had to happen 🙂 



Medicham using Fire Punch by Jemanite

Jemanite from Australia is the 2nd artist that joined her first Game-Art-HQ Art Collaboration with Medicham in 2018, lets see if we get something new from her when we continue with Generation IV in 2019!


Fire Punch

“The foe is punched with a fiery fist. It may leave the target with a burn.”

Fire Punch is a strong Fire attack in which the user punches the target with a fiery fist. This also has the chance of burning the opponent which can be a great help when trying to weaken them even further!

Lance’s Dragonite uses this move in the Pokemon anime at the Lake of Rage. Medicham can learn Fire Punch alongside Thunder Punch and Ice Punch at level 1.

#308 Medicham

“Through yoga training, it gained the psychic power to predict its foe’s next move.”

Medicham is a dual-type Fighting-Psychic Pokémon evolving from Meditite at level 37. It also has access to a mega form that it can achieve if it is holding a Medichamite.

It is highly based off yoga as can be seen from the yoga poses it often stands in in the games and apparently through its yoga training it has developed a sixth sense that allows it to use psychokinetic powers.

Medicham has an even 50/50 chance of being male or female and was firstly introduced in Generation III. A Medicham was featured in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon as a part of Team Meanies and also made the same appearance in the anime under the episode based off the game.



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