Bayleef used Magical Leaf by Kyoryu0tqn

Kyoryu0tqn is an artist from Vietnam who heard about our Pokemon Generation II Tribute and joined Game-Art-HQ on deviantART to participate in the project as one of this years new faces in our community. 

Please visit his page here!

Magical Leaf

“The foe is attacked with a strange leaf that cannot be evaded.”

“The foe is attacked with a strange leaf that cannot be evaded.”


 Magical Leaf is a damage-dealing Grass Type move introduced in Generation III of Pokemon.

It bypasses all accuracy levels, ensuring that the move will hit an opponent regardless of stats. Although it cannot hit an opponent when they are in Dig or Fly mode!

Bayleef was the first Pokemon in our tribute that was illustrated using the Magical Leaf move.


Bayleef used Solar Beam by Edo–Sama


Ed from Poland is a part of the Game-Art-HQ Community since around two years now and draws excellent video game fan art that is often related to Nintendo.He joined our first Pokemon Tribute already with Mewtwo and returned with Bayleef and Steelix in 2017.

Bayleef was actually one of his favourite Pokemon for a long time and still is his favourite Grass-Type Pokemon!


You can see his whole gallery here!

The Solar Beam Move

“The strongest Grass-type attack. Energy is absorbed in the first turn, then fired the next turn.”


The Solar Beam is a strong Grass-Type move that deals usually a lot of damage but takes two turns. In the first turn, the Pokemon has to prepare the move before it will be unleashed in the second turn. It can be prevented if the opponent used a move like Paralyze or Confusion.

The Venusaur Solar Beam illustration was one of the first submissions when we started the Game-Art-HQ Pokemon Tribute in 2016!


#153 – Bayleef

“A spicy aroma emanates from around its neck. The aroma acts as a stimulant to restore health.”


Bayleef is the second form of Chikorita first introduced in Pokemon Gold, Silver and Crystal. It’s fully realized form becomes active at Level 16 and then at Level 32 it becomes Meganium.

Turning into a much larger version of Chikorita, it becomes much more dinosaurian in appearance with a much more pronounced crest on its head followed by fully matured leaves adorning its neck. The aroma it emanates from its neck is also far more potent, releasing a spicy incense that is said to restore vitality and health. Much like Chikorita, it is very rare in the wild and is usually only obtained when the trainer evolves it.

Bayleef evolved from Chikorita in the Pokemon anime, when Ash’s Chikorita originally tried to steal Pikachu’s thunder. Although it still maintained much of its stubborn personality, Bayleef matured more than his previous Chikorita form and became much more focused on winning Pokemon battles.


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