Crobat used Poison Fang by shinragodLukeTheRipper

Shinragod and LukeTheRipper both had the same idea about Crobat using Poison Fang for our Gen II Tribute, but their styles are as different as possible as you can see. Not so different about both artists is they are both a part of the GA-HQ community for years and contributed many video game artworks to our different projects.

Be it the Pokemon project, our Street Fighter Anniversary, or Link’s Blacklist, you will always find Shinragod’s and Luke’s works there!


Poison Fang

“The foe is bitten with toxic fangs. It may also badly poison the foe.”

Poison Fang is Poison-type move where the user bites the opponent with sharp venomous fangs. There is a 30% chance the opponent will be badly poisoned as a result.

The accuracy of this move is 100% so a very useful one to have, especially for a Poison type such as Crobat who will get a good STAB with this move.

Crobat is the only Pokemon in the Generation I & II Tributes using the Poison Fang

Crobat used Brave Bird by zeneria29

Zeneria is an artist from Thailand who draws a lot of videogame-related stuff. Her take on Crobat was her first submission to a GA-HQ Art Collaboration. I look forward to seeing more of her work in the future!


Brave Bird

“The user tucks in its wings and charges from a low altitude. The user also takes serious damage.”

Brave Bird is a Flying-type attack where the user flies to a high altitude and shoots like a guided missile towards the target.

Though the attack is powerful, the recoil also damages the user.

Crobat is the only Pokemon in our Gen I & II Tributes that is using two moves that were not drawn for the 151 Gen I Pokemon!

“The development of wings on its legs enables it to fly fast but also makes it tough to stop and rest.”


Among the most unique-looking of all flying Pokemon, Crobat is a four-winged bat Pokemon. Two wings are used for flying while the other two are used for clinging and aiding in flight. As a Flying Poison-type, it can fly for days without stopping and deliver powerful poisonous bites to opponents. 

It evolves from Golbat starting in Generation II when its friendship level with the trainer is marked as High. A great way to achieve this is by giving Golbat a Friendship Bell and using it in battle to boost affection ratings.

In the Pokemon anime Brock owned a Zubat that he caught in a cave for a very long time which later evolved into a Golbat and eventually a Crobat with the bond of friendship between it and Brock. It was one of Brock’s first Pokemon that he caught outside of being Pewter City’s gym leader.


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