Arcanine used Flame Charge by etrii

Etrii joined GA-HQ a while ago already but her take on Arcanine using the Flame Charge was the first time she participated in one of our art collaborations.

She draws a lot of beautiful Pokemon fan art among other stuff, I recommend to have a look at her full gallery here


“Cloaking itself in flame, the user attacks. Then, building up more power, the user raises its Speed stat”

The Flame Charge is a Fire-Type move that was introduced in the Generation V Pokemon games. Beside dealing damage to the enemy, it is also rising the users Speed by one level.It is TM43.



Arcanine used Fire Blast by LukeTheRipper

Luke the Ripper from Poland is on board Game-Art-HQ since over 3 years now and contributed over ten pieces in his unique “Tribal” style for multiple projects ranging from the Fighting Game Projects to Link’s Blacklist and now the Pokemon Tribute with his takes on Arcanine and Primeape.

Luke was actually one of the artists that asked for a Pokemon Project by our community a long time ago already, and I was glad we could finally start one in 2016 🙂

If you like his style, quickly head over to his gallery on dA which you can find here!


“The target is attacked with an intense blast of all-consuming fire. It may also leave the target with a burn”

The Fire Blast is one of the most powerful Fire-Type attacks in the Pokemon series and TM38 since the first Generation.

It had a 30% chance of burning the opponent in the first games, but this chance was decreased to only 10% since the Gen II games. Since Pokemon X & Y, its power was reduced a bit from 120 to 110.



“A Pokémon that has been admired since the past for its beauty. It runs agilely as if on wings”

The Arcanine is the 5th Fire-Type Pokemon in the Pokedex and can evolve from Growlithe if it was exposed to a Fire Stone. These beautiful creatures are known to be loyal and brave and are liked by many Pokemon Trainers since they are not only effective in battle but have also a wide array of different moves. 

Deep inside them burns a flame that is the source of their power.


Pokemon Gen I Art Collaboration Logo by SuperEdco

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