Primeape used Anger Point by ErnestPanda

Will from the United Kingdom joined Game-Art-HQ’s Pokemon Tribute and the community in general with his take on a really pissed off Primeape. He draws a lot of video game related stuff ranging from Sonic the Hedgehog to Mario and Pokemon, we look forward to see more from him in the next future!


The Anger Point Ability was introduced in the Generation IV Pokemon games. If the ability is active and your Pokemon was attacked successful with a critical hit, it will become angered and its attack stats will raise by six stages.  – HULK SMASH!



Primeape used Dynamic Punch by LukeTheRipper

Luke the Ripper from Poland is on board Game-Art-HQ since over 3 years now and contributed over ten pieces in his unique “Tribal” style for multiple projects ranging from the Fighting Game Projects to Link’s Blacklist and now the Pokemon Tribute with his takes on Arcanine and Primeape.

Luke was actually one of the artists that asked for a Pokemon Project by our community a long time ago already, and I was glad we could finally start one in 2016 🙂

If you like his style, quickly head over to his gallery on dA which you can find here!


“A Fighting-type attack. In-accurate but guaranteed to confuse the opponent if it hits”

The Dynamic Punch is one of the Fighting-Type moves, often used by Pokemon like Machamp, Poliwrath and Golurk. In Japan it is known as the “exploding Punch” and that’s exactly what it does.

It hitting the opponent so hard that it won’t just deal damage, it will also cause Confusion because the enemy will see a circle of stars above its head. Oh and if your Pokemon has the Iron Fist ability, it will hit even harder. 20% harder!



“Always furious and tenacious to boot. It will not abandon chasing its quarry until it is caught”

Primeape is like a 50% more angry, more effective..more Fighting-Type Pokemon evolution of Mankey and just an ass-kicking machine.

These monkey like creatures love Bananas and to hang around with their group in trees but they are easily angered.

And if they are furious you better run for your life!



Pokemon Gen I Art Collaboration Logo by SuperEdco

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