Since I bought myself a modern PC in summer last year I bought a ton of games on Steam. Some for their full prices, many during sales and many through bundles and the humble monthly subscription.

I thought it might be useful for some of you If I share and mini-review some of the many titles that were quite outstanding experiences but are not the type of games everyone knows in the most cases.



Released in  2010, Steam price usually 10 Euro, length to play it through, around 2-7 hours. My playtime all in all was around 6 hours.

I got this one through one of the Humble Bundles, also as part of PS+ and again when it was available for free on Steam for 2 days. Limbo is a relative simple Platformer game if there wouldnt be the Puzzles everywhere, and while all of them can be solved with logic, some include backtracking  and can be really difficult to solve. This game is relative short, has almost no story but draws you in thanks to its art style and makes you want to see more and how it all ends. 

The usual price on Steam is currently 10 Euro but you can find it for less easily and its often on discounts as well for 5 bucks or less. 

Mini Review for Limbo:

Graphics: 3D but they look 2D. Very stylish Black and White Art. Usually not very detailed but sometimes that just fitting.

Music & Sound: No real music, but usually ambient sounds. The Sound FX are flawless. 

Gameplay and Replayability: You walk, jump, climb, use stones etc. to come forward. The meat of this game are the puzzles you have to solve and the most of them are great. There are some hidden eggs in the game but after beating it one time, I felt no desire to search them. It has 13 Achievements, I reached 2 of them by simply beating the game. 

Train Valley is available in 14 languages on Steam 


My Verdict for Limbo: Absolutely worth to buy if you are not totally hating any form of Puzzles and Platformers

If you love numbers to determine how good a game might be, here is one: 9/10.

Limbo is an awesome experience, its only little flaw is that it does not offer a lot in terms of replayability, I believe. 




Party Hard

Released on Steam in 2015, Steam price usually 13 Euro, length to play it through, around 7+hours. My playtime all in all was around 11 hours, I needed multiple attempts for a couple of the levels. 

I got this game through a Humble Bundle and never heard about it before. I found the idea to be a psycho on a party who tries to kill everyone funny enough to try it out and well, I got hooked. The 2d pixel graphic is fitting, the music is good but the gameplay itself is crazy ..dark..great!

If you are getting offended easily but everything that is not political correct..just move on. There are shitty sites like Kotaku, Destructoid or Polygon that will welcome you with open arms. Party Hard is going to make you kill hundreds of dancing pixels including girls, old people and a lot of Punks and Goths and it’s a lot of fun to kill them with the Knife, with one of the few weapons like a Katana Sword or use the environments for kills. You also have to care about the Police, certain party goers that will call the Police and to find places from where you can plan your next step if a Cop was alarmed.

Party Hard’s stages are accompanied by a very gritty story with pretty good voiceovers actually. It became one of the games I got through a bundle and actually played and beat them.

Mini Review for Party Hard

Graphics: 2D,Pixel Style like its a PC game from 1990. Relative good animations between the levels. There is a big variation from stage to stage and there are many references to games and some movies ..even  Super Mario makes a cameo. 

Music & Sound: Uhn Tiss Uhn Tiss….

Gameplay and Replayability: The gameplay is a mix of stealth action, using any environments to your benefit and being an asshole through and through. Its bloody and not something for everyone to be a mass killer in a game. The replayability is there with the level editor and lots of stages thanks to steamworks you will have many good reasons to Party Hard again.

Party Hard is available in 10 languages on Steam and was also ported to the Playstation 4 and XB One.

My Verdict for Party Hard: Absolutely worth to buy if you have no problem with pixelated 2D graphics and being a murderer

If you love numbers to determine how good a game might be, here is one: 8/10

The game is fun but I recommend to play it over the course of 1-2 weeks. One stage at a time with pauses between them, otherwise it can become quite repetitive.



Mortal Kombat X

The Steam /PC version of Mortal Kombat X / XL was plagued by problems, especially online problems for over a year, but Warner Bros. hired a different team in the end to fix the port and since around October 2016, the PC version is as good and even better than the console versions.

MKX is the fighting game we expect from Netherrealm Studios. It has a story mode and really tons of single player content alongside the online modes. It has many weird and funny characters including over 10 new ones. The biggest new feature in MKX was that every character also has three styles which results in Goro playing more like Kintaro in one style as example or Raiden having a style where he uses his electric powers for traps which changes his playstyle completely. 

Mortal Kombat X is a bloody mess with over 100 Fatalities, Brutalities and a few stage based finishing moves as well. The story mode is good but personally I played mostly the Kombat Towers that give you a giant variation of different challenges. You can also unlock a ton of items in the very well done krypt.

Its normal price on steam is 20 bucks right now, if you want MK XL which adds characters like Jason Vorhees, the Predator but also a few more MK characters like Tremor, Bo Rai Cho, Tanya and the Cyborgs you are at 40 Dollars. But you can grab the game elsewhere usually for less than 20 including all the dlc. 

The game also got a lot of official illustrations and we build up a nice selection of fan art of it here as well.

Mini Review for Mortal Kombat X:

Graphics: Excellent 3d graphics with pure 2d fighting game-play. The graphics are very detailed, the game was the best looking fighting game alongside Guilty Gear Xrd in 2015 and is still one of the best looking ones. 

Music & Sound: The Soundtrack of Mortal Kombat X is maybe its biggest flaw. Background noise might be a more fitting term. The sound fx, voices and screams however are a truly flawless victory. 

Gameplay and Replayability: Unlike some other fighting games, Mortal Kombat X offers seriously over 100 hours of fun if you want to see everything and have a lot great challenges. It has 73 Achievements. 

My Verdict for Mortal Kombat X: Absolutely worth to buy if you like fighting games and don’t play them only because to compete with other players. 

In my opinion one of the 10 or 15 best fighting games ever made. If you like numbers it gets a 9/10. Its only real flaw is the boring soundtrack and the relative low numbers of stages. 



These are my recommended games in December 2017, see you again with 3 other ones in January 2018 🙂


Game Reviews /Recommendations November 2017


Disclosure: I am not affiliated with any of the game developers and recommend these games because I had a great time with them. 

You are welcome to recommend me games via comments of course!