Magmar used Fire Blast by Macuarrorro

Omar from Mexico was one of the first 30 artists on board our Pokemon Tribute and we were never sure if he wouldn’t do it one more time. We were Lucky when we got his first submission, Tangela with the Power Whip, and loved his take on Muk with TOXIC …of course. His takes on Dugtrio, Magmar and finally Staryu were all great as well.

This guy loves Pokemon and Briney Spears and I hope he will Gimme More next year.

Check his whole gallery with is full of love for Pokemon here!


“The target is attacked with an intense blast of all-consuming fire. It may also leave the target with a burn”

The Fire Blast is one of the most powerful Fire-Type attacks in the Pokemon series and TM38 since the first Generation.

It had a 30% chance of burning the opponent in the first games, but this chance was decreased to only 10% since the Gen II games. Since Pokemon X & Y, its power was reduced a bit from 120 to 110.



Magmar used Fire Spin by Unfallen-Skies

One recurring awesome feature about these Art-Collaborations is that they are usually represent a truly international community of fans that come from all parts of the world. Be it Europe with their many small countries, the USA, Africa, Asia and even Australia.

Unfallen-Skies is one of the couple Australian artists that joined GA-HQ when we held an art contest about crazy crossovers and delivered a unique entry about Square-Enix vs. the Shonen-Jump Manga Stars. His contributions for the Pokemon Gen. I tribute were Hypno, Seaking and finally Magmar.

Have a look at his gallery here!


The Fire Spin is a damage dealing Fire-Type move that is available since the first generation of Pokémon games. It is a powerful move that does not only deal raw damage in one round but also adds Fire Damage for the following 2-5 turns so it is especially good against opponents with a lot HP.

The damage this move deals and also some fo the side effects were altered with in every new generation of Pokémon games up to Gen VI.



“Born in an active volcano. Its body is always cloaked in flames, so it looks like a big ball of fire”

Looking like a platypus engulfed in flames, Magmar is a Fire-Type Pokemon that evolves from Magby starting at Level 30; and finally Magmortar when traded holding a Magmarizer.

This Pokemon is quite literally too hot to handle. It’s core temperatures rise as high as 2,200 degrees Farenheit. (1,200 Degrees Celcius.) So hot is it in fact that a well trained Magmar can block Electric attacks. They prefer the warmth of volcanoes and generally do not like the cold. The very heat from their bodies can alter snow covered surroundings and cold climates.

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