Ledian used Comet Punch by DevilDman and by Dreamgate-Gad

Damyan from Canada is also creating a lot of Fakemon, his first submission to one of our Projects was a Horsea last year when we organized the Gen I Tribute. I bet we can see another Pokemon from him next year when we continue with Generation III 🙂


You can see his whole gallery here!


Dreamgate-Gad from Peru is one of the most active Game-Art-HQ Contributors now since around three years and started with a really unpopular character from the Final Fight games for one of our fighting game related projects.

He continued to participate in almost all later art activites, our Pokémon Tribute however got his full dedication, today in June 2017 he drew already nine of the 151 lovely beasts from the first Generation and was fast to claim the Totodile and Ledian from Gen II as well.

You can see his whole gallery on dA here!

Comet Punch

“Repeatedly hits the foe 2 through 5 times.”

Comet Punch is a Normal-type multi-hitting move that causes the opponent to be hit roughly between 2 to 5 times in one turn. There is a 37.5% chance that it will hit 2 times, a 37.5% chance that it will hit 3 times, a 12.5% chance that it will hit 4 times, and a 12.5% chance that it will hit 5 times. Provided that the move does not miss, it will hit 3 times on average, giving it an average power of 54. 

If the user is holding a King’s Rock, there is also a slight chance that the final blow will cause the opponent to Flinch.

The Comet Punch is the currently only Pokemon Move that was only drawn for Gen II Pokemon but claimed by both artists that participated in our project in 2017!

#166 – Ledian

“When the stars flicker in the night sky, it flutters about, scattering a glowing powder.”


Ledian is a dual-type Bug-Flying type Pokemon that resembles a huge ladybug/night beetle. It evolves from Ledyba starting at Level 18.

Ledian usually lives deep within forests and rests among the leaves. At night when the stars flicker at night, it emits glowing powder as it flies about. The pattern of the stars also reflects the pattern of its back. It’s primary method of attack is punching. To make up for its weak strength, it’s quantity of punches allows it to hit the opponent as many times as possible tirelessly.

The first big appearance of Ledian in the Pokemon anime was a group of Ledian owned by Benji that would work in a mountain patrol with Benji and his father’s other Pokemon. In the movie ‘Mewtwo Returns’ a group of Ledian can be seen on a tree as Ash, Misty and Brock paddle on a boat. Misty, who is usually terrified of bugs states that she ‘could be starting to like them’ after she sees all of the Ledian.


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