Bellsprout used Razor Leaf by Dreamgate-Gad

Dreamgate-Gad from Peru is one of the most active Game-Art-HQ Contributors now since around two years and started with a really unpopular character from the Final Fight games for one of our fighting game related projects and participated in almost all later art activites, our Pokemon Tribute however got his full dedication, today in September 2016 he drew already nine of the 151 lovely beasts!

You can see his whole gallery on dA here!

“A Grass-type attack that uses sharp-edged leaves. Likely to get a critical hit”

The Razor Leaf is a pure attack move with a high critical hit rate, as a nice side effect it also destroys grass patches in the backgrounds of the battles. It is mostly used by the Grass-Type Pokémon with Bulbasaur being one of the first that could use it. The Razor Leaf is also used as a side special move by Ivysaur in Smash Bros. Brawl!



Bellsprout used Acid by Bernuviel

Bernuviel from Switzerland joined the Pokémon Tribute with her take on the cute Eevee back in May already and continued with Bellsprout and finally the Defense Curl using Sandshrew. She draws a ton of different stuff, including more video game art as well, I recommend to have a look at her gallery on dA here!

“A Poison-type attack. Has a one-in-ten chance of lowering the target’s Defense”

Acid is one of the first Poison-type moves that were introduced in the Gen I Pokémon games. It deals damage but has also a 10% chance of lowering the Defense Stats of the opponent by one stage.

It works on multiple enemies since Gen III and can also lower the Special-Defense since Gen IV.




“A carnivorous Pokémon that traps and eats bugs. It uses its root feet to soak up needed moisture”

Bellsprout might look like cute little Plant, but this dual-type Grass-Poison Pokemon has a lot of tricks on its sleeve and learns moves like Vine Whip and later the effective Poison and Sleep Powder moves at level 13-15. It can also evolve into Weepinbell at level 21.


Pokemon Gen I Art Collaboration Logo by SuperEdco

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