Ledyba used Swift by morimoriheart

Morimoriheart is a young artist from Vietnam and a big Pokemon fan who stumbled upon our second Pokemon tribute back in April and was fast to claim Ledyba for it. This artist draws a lot of cute stuff which you can see here!


“Sprays star-shaped rays that never miss.”

Swift is a Normal-Type move introduced in Generation I, and was TM Move TM39 in Generations I and II. It has moderate power and hits the opponent with 100% accuracy. In Generation I it could even hit opponents in the otherwise invulnerable stages of the Dig and Fly moves.

In Generation II and onward, the move could no longer affect those in Dig and Fly. 

Ledyba is the only of the 100 Generation II Pokemon that used this move in our art collaboration.


Ledyba used Light Screen by Cronoan

Heather from the USA is a very dedicated artist and gamer who participated in more video game art collaborations than the most artists I met online. She is not only a part of the Game-Art-HQ Community since around 2014 and her submission to our 20th Anniversary of Super Metroid Tribute but also worked with musicians and video game music tribute album organizers. She also helped with a good couple of the Pokemon descriptions!

Have a look at her whole portfolio here please!

Light Screen

“A wondrous wall of light is put up to suppress damage from special attacks for five turns.”

Light Screen is a defensive Non-Attacking Psychic Move introduced in Generation I. It is found as TM Move TM16 in Generation III and beyond.

It’s primarily used to reduce the damage received from opposing Special Attacks for five turns. The effects of this defensive move have varied from generation to generation. The five turns rule wasn’t applied until Generation II and by Generation III it halves the damage received by the user rather than double the Special Defense stats of the user from Generation I.

Ledyba is actually one of the 4 Pokemon in the Generation II Tribute that used moves that were only illustrated for one Pokemon in our first part of the Pokemon Project here in 2016. 

#165 – Ledyba

“It is timid and clusters together with others. The fluid secreted by its feet indicates its location.”


Ledyba is a dual Bug-Flying type Pokemon that closely resembles a Ladybird. It is a very timid Pokemon and hates being alone, preffering to be in groups, when left alone it can even freeze up and refuse to move if threatened.

It can communicate with other Ledyba by changing the scent it carries which can often come in handy in situations such as dealing with cold weather where groups of Ledyba will huddle together to keep warm. They have also been seen pollinating fruits in the Pokemon world.

Ledyba’s first major apperance in the anime was in the mini movie ‘Pikachu’s Rescue Adventure’ in which a group of Ledyba catch Pikachu and friends when the tumble down a hole, saving their lives. They appear to be very happy and eager to help, dropping them off at a safe place and waving goodbye as they flew off.


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