Cyndaquil used Eruption by MiladySnowdrop 

MiladySnowdrop from Italy shared mostly League of Legends fan art on her dA gallery but this changed quickly when she joined the Pokemon Tribute to take Persian, Hypno and eventually Seadra in 2016. She joined the Pokemon Gen II Tribute quickly with Cyndaquil in March 2017!


Have a look at her whole gallery full of great stuff here!


“The higher the user’s HP, the more powerful this attack becomes.”

Eruption is a volcanic Fire-Type attack where the damage dealt depends on the user’s HP. The power of the attack formula works basically like this: Power = 150 X Current HP/Overall HP.

The power cannot be less than one; so subsequently it varies between its 1 and 150 power base. Needless to say; the lower the user’s HP, the less damage is dealt.

Currently Cyndaquil, Typhlosion and Entei are illustrated performing the devastating Eruption move!

Cyndaquil used Ember by ObscureShizena

ObscureShizena is an artist from Germany and joined Game-Art-HQ with the Generation II Tribute in 2017. Her first contribution was Cyndaquil but she continued with Houndour a few weeks later. Ein wirklich guter Einstieg 🙂

Have a look at her whole gallery here!


“A Fire-type attack. Has a one-in-ten chance of leaving the target with a damaging burn.”

Ember is a base Fire-Type attack that most Fire-Type Pokemon (and some Ghost-Types) learn throughout their evolution in the earlier stages of developing stronger fighting moves.

The move itself has a 10% chance that it will leave the opponent with the status effect Burn; causing them to receive fire damage through every turn.

Cyndaquil is the currently only Pokemon that uses Ember in our Art Collaboration


#155 Cyndaquil

“It usually stays hunched over. If it is angry or surprised, it shoots flames out of its back.”


Cyndaquil is one of three starter Pokemon that first appeared in Gold, Silver and Crystal. It represents the Fire-Type starter; and will evolve into Quilava at Level 14. It will evolve into its final form Typhlosion at Level 36.

Small and timid, when docile it doesn’t pose as much of a threat. However; should it be frightened or threatened; the fiery quills on its back will light up to damage or scare away a potential attacker. Though it usually curls up in a ball and waits things out when the attacker cannot penetrate its fiery defenses.

The Cyndaquil Ash Ketchum caught in the anime was usually very tired and often became exhausted lighting its back on fire. It later became much more active and powerful enough to evolve into Quilava after taking out a Team Rocket mecha. Cyndaquil also appeared in Smash Bros. and would use the Flamethrower move on opponents when released from a Poke’ Ball.


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