Meganium used Magical Leaf by Irete


Martina, aka Irete from Sweden joined Game-Art-HQ with her submissions to the Link’s & Mario’s Blacklist Projects. She skipped the Gen I but joined the Pokemon Gen II Tribute by claiming Meganium using the Magical Leaf ability! Her colorful style along with her love for all that is Nintendo was a welcomed addition to capture the fun-loving essence of Pokemon.

You can see what I mean when browsing her gallery here!

The Magical Leaf Move

“The foe is attacked with a strange leaf that cannot be evaded.”

Magical Leaf is a damage-dealing Grass Type move introduced in Generation III of Pokemon.

It bypasses all accuracy levels, ensuring that the move will hit an opponent regardless of stats. Although it cannot hit an opponent when they are in Dig or Fly mode!

Bayleef was the first Pokemon in our tribute that was illustrated using the Magical Leaf move.


Meganium used Petal Dance by Iguancheg

Iguancheg is on deviantART since over eight years already but joined Game-Art-HQ just recently.

We got not one but three amazing illustrations of the Meganium, Magcargo and a truly spectacular version of the Surf move by Croconaw from him.

I totally recommend to have a look at his whole portfolio of Iguancheg on dA here!

The Petal Dance

“A dance-like attack that lasts two to three turns. Afterwards, the attacker becomes confused”

The Petal Dance is a damage dealing Grass-Type Move and hurt the attacked opponent for 3-4 rounds in the first Generation Pokemon games but only 2-3 Rounds since Generation II.

While its base power is 70 in the classic Pokemon games, it was increased to 90 in the Gen III games and again to 120 in the Gen V games. This is a pretty powerful move, but the user will become confused afterwards. 

Eight of the Pokemon in our Generation I & II Tributes are using the Petal Dance, making it one of the most illustrated Pokemon Moves so far!




#154 Meganium

“The aroma that rises from its petals contains a substance that calms aggressive feelings.”


Meganium is the final form of Chikorita and made its appearance in Generation II of Pokemon through Pokemon Gold, Silver and Crystal. He appears once Chikorita’s second form Bayleef evolves at Level 32.

Extremely rare in the wild, Meganium only seems to appear through proper care and training received from Pokemon Trainers. Like Bayleef, it has a dinosaurian look to it and releases a powerful aroma from its neck. The aroma is far more powerful than its previous forms, giving feelings of tranquility and peace to those who smell it. Once more, it is even powerful enough to revive dead plants and flowers.

Ash’s Bayleef from the anime never evolved into Meganium. Meganium was instead introduced in the anime by another trainer named Vincent when it argued with Ash’s Bulbasaur. This is a stark contrast to its docile nature, as Meganium’s calming aroma and exterior makes it more of a peacemaker in the anime series.


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