” The (red) Goriya enemy from the first Zelda game!

I gave them kangaroo aspects because their sprites always reminded me of kangaroos. Also, the one in the back is a girl! Because why not. “

Scowlingelf drew two Goriya creatures from the original Legend of Zelda for the LoZ Tribute. If you can’t tell, there’s a male and female variant here. Well…..the creatures of Hyrule have different methods of multiplying after all.

Scowlingelf (which is a perfect name for someone drawing for Link’s Blacklist btw.) drew two Goriyas striking menacing poses and getting ready to throw their boomerangs.

For this picture, he drew a male Goriya and a female Goriya. The reasoning? “why not?” Why not indeed. Gender reversal artwork is very popular in video game fandoms. But given how they’re mammals and walk like humans, it shouldn’t be surprising that there are also females within the Goriya race. They both still look really awesome here as it is.

Visit Scowlingelf’s gallery for more creative inspiration and a good couple other works he drew previously for Game-Art-HQ collaborations!


Goriyas are wolf-men creatures with rat-like faces that patrol the dungeons in The Legend of Zelda on NES. They come in two colored variants; orange and blue. Blue ones are typically the stronger of these variants. Their weapon of choice is the boomerang; which they throw at Link with such distance that they can nail Link all the away across the room.

Like the Moblins, they appear to be the most sentient of Link’s opponents. And like a particular Moblin, one particular Goriya can help Link if our green-clothed main protagonist offers him food.

A fun fact: there really is a group of real people out there named ‘The Goriya.’ They’re not furry werewolves, but real humans who live in certain parts of India as farmers. So it’s not just Rupees that’s an Indian reference in the Zelda series.  The more you know (Wikipedia).



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