These mysterious dark Wizards are encountering Link in many dungeons in Hyrule. They may be funny looking little guys but the Wizzrobe’s intentions are rather sinister…



Nick Prospero aka CosmicOne from Canada was tasked to draw the Wizzrobe enemy found in the dungeons of the original Legend of Zelda. But rather than draw a cute Orco-looking Wizzrobe like in the game (both of which are annoying), he went for something far more evil and scary looking.

The result is a far more menacing version of the Wizzrobe, making the prospect of having to face a bunch of these guys at once even more terrifying. That evil glow in its eyes really looks into your soul doesn’t it?

Highly recommend you visit his Gallery on dA!


Wizzrobes are cloaked magicians from the original Legend of Zelda. Traveling in groups they inhabit the dungeons of Hyrule waiting to zap any intrepid wanderer unfortunate enough to cross their paths. They come in two variants; blue and orange. Orange versions are weaker but can teleport. Blue versions (like many other blue variants of enemies in the game) are stronger and take more hits.

A group of Wizzrobes can prove to be quite irritating to a player. They use their quick-firing of magic projectiles within the confines of small rooms and their sheer numbers to make the journey far more difficult for Link. If Link’s sword is at full strength, then return the favor and give these robed creeps a taste of their own medicine.



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