After Link fought a group of Zol’s in the Dungeon, he thought he defeated them all. But when he returns he is going to be attacked by these small gelatinous creatures that are jumping around like mad…

TheDarkXelloss  submitted her take on the Gel’s on the final day of the LoZ Link’s Blacklist Round and wrote the following about it 🙂

“Right in the final day, how shameful… I would have finished it earlier if I didn’t get sick all the time, jeez, what’s wrong with me? 

Anyway, I tried to make the background like the dungeons from the original LOZ for the NES, but I think I need to practice perspectives more… u_u. Still, the Gels were fun to paint, really, they’re so weird xD.”


TheDarkXelloss aka Cristina G. described herself as just a girl who like to watch anime, TV shows, reads books and manga comics and plays video games. But only a few of us are also gifted with the ability to create drawn art on such a level as used in her take on some of the smallest enemies in the whole Legend of Zelda series.Kudos for making this enemy looking like a threat to Link!

We look forward to her future contributions to Link’s Blacklist or other Game-Art-HQ Art Collaborations, no matter if they are submitted just right before the deadline 😉

Have a good look at her gallery on dA which features many more Legend of Zelda fan art alongside other works!


The Gel is one of the weakest enemies in all Legend of Zelda games and can be described as a half Zol often since they are often “created” when Link used a weak weapon on a Zol. The Gel will often jump around without any real aim and sometimes they will just jump away from Link instead of attacking him.

They are only found in the Legend of Zelda dungeons but are also seen in the Overworld of LoZ Link’s Awakening.


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