Goriyas Brothers Zelda

The Goriyas Brothers, sometimes misnamed Brother Goriyas are a pair of bull-like Goriya and form the miniboss team in the Gnarled Root Dungeon, the first dungeon of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons who attack Link together.

Eduardo J. Pérez M. from Venezuela, the artist behind our first entry for the Goriyas Brothers in Link`s Blacklist wrote the following about his entry:

“It was fun and kind of hard making an anthorpomorphic Wolf without maning a werewolf. The addition of hyena features and different set of armor (one has leather and the other padded) was also fun”



The Goriyas Brothers are the mini bosses of the first  dungeon in Zelda: Oracle of Seasons, since they attack together it is wise to attack only one of them, is one down they are both defeated. Goriyas Brothers Battle 

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