Wizzrobe Zelda WW Link's Blacklist

The Wizzrobe is a recurring enemy in the Zelda games since the Legend of Zelda (NES) already, all in all they made it into 11 of the games so far!

While their classic design looks more like a Black-Mage from the Final Fantasy games, their Wind Waker design changed drastically and changed the Wizzrobe into a magican with a Toucan like mask and cloaks which are cut like the arms would be wings.

This design returned in Zelda: Phantom Hourglasses.

Like before, the Wizzrobes can cast fireballs and now they also can  summon Keese Bats to attack Link.

Ice Arrows are very useful against these foes!


Our illustration of the Wind Waker Wizzrobes was drawn by Don Rondo as his first submission for the Blacklist!



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