The Stalfos are trying to ambush Link. Or are they simply showing off their collective teamwork together? Boneheads…


“What if a cell from a possible Zelda cartoon was turned into a comic book cover…? “

Panagiotis Vlamis aka Weaselpa from Greece adds personality and flare to another one of our tributes with his comic stylings.

In this case creating a mock comic book cover of a cartoonish Link facing off against some very cartoonish looking versions of the Stalfos that use dual-swords just like in the official illustration for them. Though still looking ghoulish, they also manage to be humorous striking poses like they were the Power Rangers.

Link’s back is turned so we can’t tell if he is intimidated or confused by this flamboyant trio showing of their mystical fighting technique Stal-Fu? It certainly makes for a unique and fun take on common dungeon enemies like the Stalfos.

For more fun and zaniness as well as more serious art visit his Gallery on dA!




Stalfos are reanimated skeletons wielding dual swords. They are found patrolling the hallways of most of the dungeons in original The Legend of Zelda. Like most game series featuring skeletons as enemies (Castlevania, Final Fantasy, Elder Scrolls etc…) the Stalfos are common and not that difficult to defeat. Sometimes they are holding keys for closed doors in the Dungeons.

They are more or less just wandering aimlessly through the rooms in the hope to hit Link. Guess they could’ve used some eyeballs or something. They certainly got more dangerous and agile as the series progressed; particularly when they entered the 3rd dimension on The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.



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