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 Death Sword is a Mini Boss that appeared only in the Arbiter’s Grounds Dungeon in the Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (2006) so far.

Only its big sword is visible when Link enters the room, he has to transform himself into the Wolf form to see the body of Death Sword and attack it with bites which will make Death Sword’s body being visible for Link in his human form as well and he can use his Sword etc. to beat this demon.


Death Sword from the Legend of Zelda Games: an Overview

Charactername: Death Sword,  Faucheur (French)   Developed /Created by Nintendo
Gameseries: Legend of Zelda    First seen on: Gamecube 
First Game: Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess    Year first seen in: 2006 
Last Game: “”    Birthplace:  
Role(s) and Characteristics: Mini Boss    Weapons or Martial Arts Style: Sword 
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Official Game Art like promotional Illustrations of Death Sword from Zelda: Twilight Princess

Death Sword LoZ TP Render Death Sword Zelda TP Concept Art

LoZ: Twilight Princess (2006)




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Death Sword LB1 Death Sword was drawn one time as part of our Link’s Blacklist so far.



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