Death Sword Twilight Princess


The Death Sword

Possessed by a Demon through Ganon’s work? Or is it a demon from the ancient time?

Nobody knows, but one thing is sure, the Death Sword is one of the most favourite Mini Bosses for UniqueLegend, the artist behind the first Death Sword entry for Link`s Blacklist.



Death Sword Battle

The Death Sword is a Mini Boss in the Arbiter’s Grounds Dungeon in Zelda: Twilight Princess.

Link enters a room, the doors behind him close and he sees that big black sword bound by ropes on the ground who awakens to life when he cut one of the ropes. The sword attacks and cant be hurt as long as Link won`t use his wolf form since the Death Sword Demon can not be seen by the human eye.

Link must bite it as wolf to make its body visible to attack it later with arrows or his Gale Boomerang.

The Death Sword made only one appearance so far in Twilight Princess.

Death Sword Twilight Princess Render

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