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Death is the main protagonist of Darksiders II that was released in 2012. He is the eldest and strongest of the Nephilim and uses a Scythe as his weapon. Darksiders II is the only game with him so far.

Official Description and Origins of Death in Darksiders II:

Like his fellow Horsemen, Death is of a race known as Nephilim – among the most powerful beings in the Universe. When Mankind was given the prize of Eden, Absalom – leader of the Nephilim – led his armies against Heaven and Hell in an attempt to steal it back.

For this crime, the Charred Council condemned the Nephilim to destruction. The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse were granted a reprieve from this fate on the condition they aid the Council’s victory over their kin. The Horsemen accepted, but it was Death who bore the greatest burden of guilt for the near extinction of his race. Donning his iconic mask to represent his role as executioner on the day he slaughtered his brethren, he has not removed it since.



Death from Darksiders II: an Overview

Charactername: Death   Developed /Created by Vigil Games
Gameseries: Darksiders   First seen on: PS3, XB360, PC
First Game: Darksiders II    Year first seen in: 2012 
Last Game: “”    Birthplace:  
Role(s) and Characteristics: Main Protagonist    Weapons or Martial Arts Style: Scythes 
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