While we covered the Bubbles from some of the later games already, our first illustration of the classic design of this enemy was eventually done for the 4th Round of our Art Collaboration in March 2014.

The artist behind it, Ra-ooo wrote the following to describe his submission:

Red Bubble LOZ

“The Bubble!”

“An adorable name for a monster that’s pretty disturbing if you think about it XD

This is the Bubble from the original Legend of Zelda. I went off the concept art a little more than the sprite, mainly just in making the skull dark colored rather than white.
It suited the evil look better haha. It’s a disembodied floating skull swathed in a malevolent fiery aura, I mean.. come on 8V

It’s a pretty simple picture, and I have no idea how to do a good evil-hellfire-bubble effect :,D
Boy skulls are hard to draw!”


Ra-ooo joined Game-Art-HQ in 2013 and became a contributor when he submitted an impressive and quite sad illustration of the Flute Boy from Zelda AlttP for the Link’s Friendlist Project in early 2014. He contributed multiple artworks to Link’s Blacklist and also a super unusual game (Super Bust A Move 3) for our Nintendo 64 Anniversary Tribute in 2016. He participated also in our big Pokemon Generation I Tribute and just claimed a slot in our currently ongoing Gen II tribute as well!

Have a look at his whole gallery here!



The Bubbles are spirits in the form of a skull surrounded by fire and are cursing any living beings if they touch them. In the original Legend of Zelda they are completely invincible and cause no direct damage, but if Link gets touched by them he can’t use his sword for a while.

This can be extremely dangerous if other enemies are nearby,especially in dungeon rooms with many obstacles and enemies when Link can’t defend himself. In the more difficult second quest, the Red Bubbles will curse Link until he gets touched by a Blue Bubble.



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