Aruroda Zelda II Link's Blacklist

The Aruroda is a minor enemy found in the Desert Caves from The Legend of Zelda II: Adventures of Link and never seen in any later Zelda games so far.

They attack Link with Fireballs which can only be blocked with the Reflect magic. To defeat them, Link has to slash their eye which is often closed even while they attack him.



Our first illustration of the Aruroda was drawn by Karniz who participated in the first round of Link’s Blacklist already with her take on the Tektites from OoT. Was pretty cool to see her being back for more! This is also a quite special drawing by her since it was done with traditional tools like watercolors. Personally I think those are perfect for the illustrations of the classic Zelda 1-2 enemies!




The only halfway official illustration of the Aruroda enemy was made for the Futashiba Guide and added these claws which they don’t have in the game. Aruroda Zelda II

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