Bubbles Zelda WW for Link's Blacklist 

The Bubbles can be really annoying obstacles since they are robbing your attack powers until you touch one again. They can be blown away with the Deku Leaf though.


The Bubbles from Wind Waker were illustrated here by Christina “Stinawo” Wolfe a professional artist from the USA. This was the first time she participated in a Game-Art-HQ Art Collaboration and she had the following to say to describe her work and the Bubbles:

“Here’s a couple of Bubble baddies from Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker for #Game-Art-HQ’s current round of Link’s Blacklist!
The red one is fire and the blue one is poison. You don’t want to mess with them because they will either burn you or…well…poison you.

This was hella fun to do! I definitely prefer something like this painted up rather than using my usual cell shades.”


Thanks for joining the Blacklist, its always great to hear that the artist had fun to draw these super rarely drawn enemies from the Zelda games 🙂



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