Angler Fish Zelda Link's Awakening for Link's Blacklist

This is the Angler Fish Boss from The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening, the first Handheld Zelda game.

I remember this Boss, which was the first submission for our fourth round of Link’s Blacklist by the way, very well.

Angler Fish

It felt so unreal to face a boss monster in a Zelda game which looked so similar to its real world counterpart! Beside the big size difference, this foe  is resembling the real Angler Fish a lot as you can see!

The Angler Fish Boss was drawn for the first time for Link’s Blacklist by CorvusRone from Uruguay, this is his third submission for LB already!

Notes and Description by the Artist:

“I tried to represent the first encounter of Link with the Angler Fish. In the game, you start descending your way to the boss lair, to find yourself in an underwater cave lighted by the yellow beam from the Angler Fish lure and a dim blue light from an unknown source.

Pretty much like the designer did, I took advantage of this blue light to make noticeable those parts from the two character where the light of the lure couldn’t reach. I believe this also help to give the idea of an underwater environment, since the water has it own particular way to transmit light.

I kept most of the boss features the same, the only changes I made were the eyes (which I found to be too goofy in the original sprite) and the spiked fins.”


The Angler Fish is actually one of the easiest bosses ever in a Zelda game, if you play the game, just dive next to it and attack the antenna of it with sword slashes without a pause. If you are fast enough you can defeat the Angler Fish even before it has the chance to attack you!

Angler Fish from Zelda

This boss returned years later in The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages. This time with a different look which was not resembling the real Angler Fish closely anymore and in that incarnation, the Boss was a lot more difficult to defeat.

Angler Fish Zelda Link's Awakening DX Screenshot 

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