Impa and Link Zelda 2 Concept Art

After submitting one of the most scary and most viewed illustrations for Link’s Blacklist with her bloody take on the Dead Hand from Ocarina of Time, Jujulica from the USA drew Impa in her classic Zelda II look based on the old concept artwork seen above.


Impa is one of the oldest recurring Legend of Zelda characters and while Impa stands for a Family name and not a specific person, she always has a similar role and takes care of Princess Zelda as a nanny or even a bodyguard.

In Zelda II: The Adventure of Link, Impa introduces Link to the history of Hyrule, of Ganon, and of course, the sleeping Princess Zelda.

She also gives him the six Crystals which have to be used by the Legendary Hero to open the barrier protecting the entrance to the Great Palace, allowing Link to find the Triforce of Courage and awaken the sleeping Princess Zelda.

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