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The Healing Lady from Zelda II: The Adventure of Link is a non-playable character and can be found in every town in the game with the exception of Old Kasuto. She invites Link into her house and his health is restored when he is back.

Healing Lady Zelda II

There are no official illustrations of the Healing Lady and this character never returned in any of the later Legend of Zelda games.

Yinetyang from France, who participated in other GA-HQ Art Collaborations too, had basically just the small sprite seen above as well as screenshots to use as references along with his own creativity to illustrate this decades old and almost forgotten little side character from the Zelda games.

Healing Lady Zelda 2 Screenshot

I believe that while awesome illustrations of the more popular characters like Midna are a great thing, the submissions of these almost unknown game characters of the past are what makes our projects something special.


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