Dead Hand Zelda Link's Blacklist

The third illustration of the Dead Hand from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time was not directly made for Link’s Blacklist but  created while we were working on Round IV.

Rachael Nelson, the artist behind this damn scary illustration liked the idea of her work being part of LBIV and here it is, inclusive an exclusive description of her:

“The Shadow Temple was not made for kids. There were body remains all over the place, blood on the walls and flooring, the atmosphere was just plain scary, but no Nintendo wasn’t done, they made sure to throw in probably one of the most disturbing mini bosses in the game.
The Dead Hand.
The very first boss in any game I actually did not want to confront. Just seeing hands popping out of the ground was a big red flag for me.

I had no idea what I was doing during the time, so I thought I could just slice down the hands, I was wrong.
Once the creature grabbed a hold of me and popped out of the ground, I jumped and started button smashing my control trying to get away from this thing.

Nintendo did an excellent job during that time, making their players feel uneasy.

I didn’t sleep pleasantly that later on that night.”



Dead Hand OoT

Listening to Navi did not help Link on his Adventure when he faced the Dead Hand creature, one of the scariest enemies in the complete Zelda series.


Dead Hand OoT

The Artist behind the first Dead Hand submission for Link`s Blacklist is Zelda-Freak91 from Germany. She mentioned that the Dead Hand`s German name is even more fitting and scarier, since it is “Hirnsauger” which means Brain-Sucker.



Dead Hand Zelda OoT for Link's Blacklist

For the first time ever i felt the need to “censor” a fan art a bit, or at least not display it at a big size, because i guess that our second illustration of the scary Dead-Hand might really scare and disgust some of you. If the small thumbnail version here is enough for you already, don’t click on the artwork to enlarge it.

For the rest, please click on it to see the detailed and a bit gross art by Jujulica from the USA

Happy Nightmares everyone 😉


The Dead Hand is a Monster and Mini-Boss which made only an appearance in Zelda: The Ocarina of Time so far.

Maybe that is a good thing, this creature might have caused nightmares to some players in the past.

Not only that it is covered with blood of unknown whereabouts, it is using multiple disembodied hands to attack as well as its big mouth.

Dead Hand Screen


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