Might be because i grew up with Final Fantasy VII-IX but somehow i like the three Playstation 1 FF games the most of them all still and think the fun and quality of the series is sinking and focussing on not important stuff like costumes and too much action.

Final Fantasy IX however was a back to the roots game while it still was one of the visually most impressive games of the PSX and introduced many new gameplay elements.

The characters like Zidane, Garnet and of course Vivi, the funny Black-Mage are unforgettable charming. It is no wonder that this game is getting illustrated and getting beautiful fan art like this one quite often still.

W-E-Z from Canada wrote the following to describe his work:

“FF9 despite not being as popular as FF7 actually holds the highest overall review score as well it is a favorite among a lot of my friends and despite playing it for first time 2 months ago I can see why it holds a special place in their hearts.

The game just oozes personality with a personal story centered on it’s characters with a world that speaks for itself through it’s art direction.”



Final Fantasy IX Garnet Zidana Vivi by_w_e_z



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