The GA-HQ Final Fantasy Art Tribute - Those Who Fight Further

Amarant Coral the red-headed man from Final Fantasy IX


Amarant Coral, one of the eight playable characters from Final Fantasy IX is just known as the red-headed man for a long time in the game and the player’s party even has to fight hum multiple times before he joins Zidane and the others.

Amarant joined our Final Fantasy “Those Who Fight Further” art collaboration as one of the first characters however and was not only drawn in very different styles but thanks to Blackorb00 also in two different designs!

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 Amarant Coral


Amarant Coral from Final Fantasy IX, drawn for Final Fantasy – Those Who Fight Further

by Blackorb00, Mike “Sarrus” Williams and Emiliano “Sannamy” Sanna

“I went for the Amano`s version because I think is way better than the game one and choosed him because he is the less popular character from the main cast i think.

FFIX is my fav FF game from the PS1 era, and I think its the best FF game for the PS1.”


Artwork and description of it by Blackorb00


About the Artist:

 Blackorb00 is a big fan of the Final Fantasy games and their characters, especially the older ones.

He is a part of the Game Art HQ Community since 2011 already and participated in multiple of our projects and created most likely the biggest and most detailed Final Fantasy I illustration ever made for our 25th Anniversary Art Tribute of the first Final Fantasy.




Amarant Coral Game Art HQ Final Fantasy Tribute 1

Why did you choose Amarant?
“Well, I’ve taken more to drawing characters and things I’ve never done before so I decided to give Amarant a shot.

What do you like about him and about FFIX?
“To be fair, I never used to like Amarant much, on my first handful of playthroughs I decided to just stick with the initial bunch of introduced characters. For no reason at all I decided to throw him in my party and started messing with his monk-like combat style (next to geomancer is my 2nd favourite Tactics class, just mentioning :D) and wondered why I hadn’t given him a chance before!

What captivates me about IX is the whole art direction, character building/relationships, skill levelling, Chocobo hot and Cold. The only thing I’m not too keen on in the game is the Tetra Master.

I can still remember being in college and highly anticipating IX and I couldn’t wait.
I remember purchasing the game and taking a few days off college to play it, little did I know there was as problem with the first European copies printed, on Disc 3 the cutscene where Zidane swings to catch Garnet was a corrupt video file and made the game freeze each time.

I had to wait 3 weeks where I lived for the new prints to come through to carry on with the game :(. I’d never felt so much anticipation to that day, haha.”

What tools did you use for the artwork?
As per usual I used my trusty loud computer, a single pressure graphics tablet and Photoshop CS6.

Please describe your take on him
When I first thought of doing Amarant I somehow kept thinking of Sagat from the Street Fighter games dressed as Amarant (complete with crimson wig!) so I guess Sagat’s sort of posture/attitude spilt over into the execution.

 Amarant Coral Game Art HQ Final Fantasy Tribute 2

Is there something else you want to tell the visitors of the Final Fantasy Art Tribute on Game Art HQ?

I can’t think of many words to say on these sort of things, the only thing that springs to mind is to remind everyone that as much as it’s a good part of the series, Final Fantasy VII isn’t the be all and end all of Final Fantasy, there are many stunning entries in the series and to encourage people to give them all a shot!

Artwork and description of it by Mike “Sarrus” Williams

About the artist:

 Mike Williams is a Game Art HQ Contributor and Hobbyist from the UK and is currently (2013) 29 years old. Beside being a big fighting game fan he also draws a ton of other stuff and participated in multiple of our art projects including Link’s Blacklist and the Mortal Kombat Art Tribute!


“I used the original character concepts as reference.. not the actual in game look… since that gamelook is a distortionated version of the concept… like chibis… I remember how mad i was about how they made Zidane look in FF Dissidia, they should look more like the other characters.. he’s a teenager, not a child… but.. meh.. whatever.. at least in my drawings i can do what i want. XD”

Tech Info:
-Almost 3 hours of work.
-Mixed media: Traditional Draw (with HB pencil) + Digital painting (with mouse)

Artwork and description of it by Emiliano “Sannamy” Sanna


About the artist:

Emiliano Sanna is an artist and graphic designer from Argentinia and GA-HQ contributor since May 2012 when he participated in our Kirby Anniversary Tribute. He returned for multiple other art projects including the Castlevania and Mortal Kombat Projects!




Amarant Coral Game Art HQ Final Fantasy Tribute 3


The Final Fantasy “Those who fight further” Art Project is a tribute to the protagonists of the Final Fantasy series and an ongoing project with thirty more artworks for ten characters every 3-4 months, the next update will be released in October-November 2013!

Beside Amarant, the only FFIX characters drawn so far are Quina Quen and Beatrix, click on the logo below to return to the main gallery of our new project!


Quina Quen

The GA-HQ Final Fantasy Art Tribute - Those Who Fight Further