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Beatrix – The Paladin from Final Fantasy IX

Beatrix Final Fantasy IX

Beatrix FFIX Screen

Beatrix is one of the temporarily playable characters from Final Fantasy IX and the general of the army of female knights in Alexandria, she is a loyal Paladin working for Queen Brahne until a specific part of the story when she switches sides and helps Zidane and the other protagonists to fight alongside them. During the time ythe player controls her, Beatrix is almost invulnerable has very strong attacks.


It was a nice surprise to see her among the first ten characters chosen for our Final Fantasy Art Tribute to the protagonists of the games since she is not half as popular as the many other female FF characters like Tifa, Yuna or Lightning, but it seems that our community just loves to illustrate the not so known characters of video game history and make sure they get a place to shine!

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Beatrix from Final Fantasy IX, drawn for Final Fantasy – Those Who Fight Further

by Eddy Shinjuku, Kaigetsudo and Caitlin “Inside Joke” Lane


“Here I try to retained that cartoon-y chibi-esque Final Fantasy IX’s character design style and not aiming for realism in the face and body proportions; the game as how we remembered it is charming and whimsical – I aspired to reminisce this collective memories in the way of portraying the FF9 feel to it.

It’s won’t be classic Final Fantasy without feathers and swords!”


Artwork and description of it by Eddy Shinjuku


About the Artist:

 Eddy Shinjuku is a 27 (in 2013) year old Artist from Malaysia and did not only self teach himself everything about art but also manages it since a good while to create super beautiful pieces of art for many different video game characters.

He participated in the GA-HQ Borderlands 2 Art Contest in 2012 and won it with a submission about Gaige the Mechromancer. Eddy participated in multiple GA-HQ art collaborations now including the Tekken and Mortal Kombat Tributes as well as Link’s Blacklist!



Beatrix Final Fantasy Art Tribute 


“Why did you choose Beatrix?”

Well, really it was because Lulu was taken, but Beatrix was immediately my next choice!

“What do you like about her and about FFIX?”

She is such an elegant badass, and while FFIX was a great modern take on the old school Final Fantasy settings, the music was perhaps the best part of that game. I can tell Nobuo Uematsu put a lot of heart into it.

“What tool did you use for the artwork?”

Photoshop CS4

“Please describe your take on her”

I just went for what left the biggest impression on me. Beatrix, and her relationship to Steiner.

Artwork and description of it by Kaigetsudo


About the artist:

Kaigetsudo is an American artist who draws a ton of cool game related fan art and created complete comics as well, his take on Beatrix for FF TWFF is his debut in a Game Art HQ Art Project and it seems he likes the idea of them.

He returns in the 2nd round of our project with his take on Rydia, the green haired summoner from Final Fantasy IV!


Beatrix Final Fantasy Art Tribute 2



Why did you choose Beatrix?
Mostly for the familiarity and the nostalgia. I always liked her when I was young, and it was nice to be able to draw her in my own way.

What do you like about her and about FFIX?
She was actually one of my favourite parts of FFIX. To me, she entered the scene and just demanded respect – and even if she could be a tough boss, I was always excited to see her. I was about 9 when I first played FFIX, and the way I described her then was simplay “She’s cool!”.

What tool did you use for the artwork?
I use a Monoprice tablet in Manga Studio 5.

Please describe your take on her

I remember Beatrix being an undeniably strong woman, and I wanted to show her in this unflinching, bravado that she carries herself with. She’s intimidating, but a protector.

Is there something else you want to tell the visitors of the Final Fantasy Art Tribute on Game Art HQ?

The FF tribute will definitely have something for everyone to enjoy. The artwork is great, and it really brings back memories!

 Artwork and description of it by Caitlin “Inside Joke” Lane


About the artist:

 Caitlin Lane is a currently (2013) 22 year old artist from Canada and joined the Game-Art-HQ community back in 2012, Beatrix is her second contribution to one of our art tributes, she also participated as the so far only female artist in out Beat’em Up Tribute with a submission about TRON Evolution.

Beatrix Final Fantasy Art Tribute 3



The Final Fantasy “Those who fight further” Art Project is a tribute to the protagonists of the Final Fantasy series and an ongoing project with thirty more artworks for ten characters every 3-4 months, the next update will be released in October-November 2013!

Beside Beatrix, the only FFIX characters drawn so far are Quina Quen and Amarant Coral, click on the logo below to return to the main gallery of our new project!


Quina Quen

The GA-HQ Final Fantasy Art Tribute - Those Who Fight Further



Amarant Coral