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Quina Quen the Blue Mage from Final Fantasy IX

Quina Quen Render

Quina Quen is for sure one of the most unpopular characters of the PsOne Final Fantasy Era and it was a big surprise to see Quina being chosen as one of the first ten Final Fantasy Protagonists for our 1st round of the Art Tribute back in May-July 2013.

In the game, Quina is taking the Blue Mage role which means that she/he can use multiple abilities and powers she learns from the enemies, Quina also loves Frogs and is a real “Gourmand”.

The three artists from our Game-Art-HQ community drew Quina in completely different styles and scenes, but see the artworks by yourself now and learn a bit more about Quina and the intentions of the artists to draw this strange character!

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Quina FFIX Screenshot 2


Quina Quen from Final Fantasy IX, drawn for Final Fantasy – Those Who Fight Further

by C-R-O-F-T, FischHead and HAF-2

As usual, I took the road less traveled and picked Quina for the tribute, not realizing it would lock 2 other artists into drawing the same character.

I was a little worried that no one would want to walk the Path of the Gourmand (“Semita Escarum Consumptor” on the chair above Quina’s head) and give Quina some great artwork, but those fears were thankfully put to rest after seeing the other fantastic entries for him/her.

Quina was always my favorite FFIX character, and was the first in my party to hit 9999 damage in battle. S/he also had the unique Gillionaire ability which earned 50% more money from fights.

Being an exclusive skill, it seemed like a good theme for this tribute.


Artwork and description of it by FischHead


About the Artists:

FischHead is the Nickname of two artists who work together on the most pieces, they participated (and won) in a handful of FGE / GA-HQ Art Contests already, but their tribute to Quina is the first time that FischHead were part of a Game-Art-HQ Art Project!




Quina Quen Game Art HQ Final Fantasy Tribute 2

Quina is one of the funniest characters from the FF series so I tried to think outside the box and inject some comedy into my drawing. Quina loves frogs and food and with inspiration from a FF quote my mind was filled with different ideas.

Aiya! What big stone! Why you all watch stone? Is stone edible? Or is for barbecue? No answer… I think I lick it.”

I started off with a fineliner and paper for my Quina piece, but it was coloured in Photoshop and took a couple days from start to finish. I thought I’d draw my picture partially from the frog’s perspective because they’d probably be a tad fed up of being the Qu’s delicacy. So out popped the “Great” Escape and the thought that maybe Quina could be fooled by rock frog decoys!

I’m very glad I have participated in the FF tribute as already there are so many well drawn pieces done and I’m sure many more to come!

I like that this tribute showcases some of the lesser known characters and look forward to seeing the next ten chosen ones that the game art hq community decides to bring to life.

Artwork and description of it by C-R-O-F-T


About the artist:

C-R-O-F-T is a currently 26 year old (2013) Hobbyist from the UK and participated in multiple GA-HQ Art Collaborations already including Link’s Blacklist and the big Mortal Kombat Tribute and covered Gleeok from Zelda Phantom Hourglasses and Kitana & Goro for the MK Tribute.



Quina Quen Game Art HQ Final Fantasy Tribute 1

“I’m always using PS, but this time i was trying a new brushes i found recently, i always take like 1-2 (max 3) hours, not exactly remember, lol. In my paintings i am always search for learn something new, for that reason some of my work are different from de previous one. I like to give to my work a “traditional-look”, for that i apply that dirty/sketchy look.

Uhm, i think Final Fantasy has a lot (A REALLY LOT) of iconic characters. FF is a saga with a special design work, made it so unique at many levels. So, in a tribute like this, is fun to know you have a almost infinite chance to make that character you always like, and special; try new ones, like me.

I didnt have played FF IX (yeah, you can burn me for heretic), but; “why not try something new?” With an “odd” look was fun to make it and try a lot of thing.”


Artwork and description of it by HAF-2


About the artist:

HAF-2 is a 22 year old (2013) hobbyist from Venezuela and participated since December 2012 in multiple art projects by Game-Art-HQ. Like he mentioned in his description here, HAF-2 is one of those artists who like to draw the not so known and beloved characters for the art tributes.

Other submissions from him were covering Nathan Graves for the Castlevania Tribute and Kenshi from Mortal Kombat Deception so far



Quina Quen Game Art HQ Final Fantasy Tribute 3


The Final Fantasy “Those who fight further” Art Project is a tribute to the protagonists of the Final Fantasy series and an ongoing project with thirty more artworks for ten characters every 3-4 months, the next update will be released in October-November 2013!

Beside Quina, the only FFIX characters drawn so far are Amarant Coral and Beatrix, click on the logo below to return to the main gallery of our new project!


Amarant Coral

The GA-HQ Final Fantasy Art Tribute - Those Who Fight Further