Moblin Legend of Zelda for Link's Blacklist

These Moblins are giving Link a hard time in Joel’s illustration of their classic designs!


“Quiz time! Does anyone remember the fact that the Moblins weren’t pigs on the first Legend of Zelda, but actually dog like creatures?

Moblin from Zelda on NES

Yes they were dogs and tough ones too!

Always on the look out on the Hyrule fields waiting to throw some lances towards Link. Thank god for that shield, hein Link? The Moblins dog version also made an appearance on the Legend of Zelda saturday morning cartoon show, and despite what you all may say, I really miss that cartoons!
“Excuuuuuse me Princess!” :D

As usual I hope you like it!”


There are a lot artists who support Game-Art-HQ and our Art Projects, but only a few are so long on board and often participating as Joel Sousa from Portugal, who describes himself as a “Hobbyist” but whenever i see his works I think this guy needs to publish a comic in his art style.

Be it for our Fighting Game Boss Tribute in 2011, or Link’s Blacklist, Joel draws awesome video game related art since many years. I recommend to see his full gallery on dA here!


Friendly Moblin

The Moblins are dog-like spear and bomb throwing enemies in the first Legend of Zelda  which come in two colors, with the blue form being a bit more powerful than the red variation.

Moblins returned in the most of the Zelda games but their design changed a lot after Zelda ALTTP with Link’s Awakening being the first Zelda where the Moblins have a more Pig-like visual design.

There are some friendly Moblins which are not enemies and are giving Link some rupee’s even in the classic Zelda! Sadly they did not return in more recent games as far as I know. These friendly Moblins were awesome guys!



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Moblin Zelda II for Link's Blacklist

Moblin in Zelda II


Moblin in The Wind Waker


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