Moblin Zelda II for Link's Blacklist

The Moblins from Zelda II: The Adventure of Link are till today the most intimidating looking representatives of their race i believe.


“This piece was very loosely based off the old console manual art for the Moblin, but I had to make up a lot of the details due to the original being so small! I’m always doodling monsters and things, whereas the pieces I finish off are more often humans

– so this piece was a fun opportunity to turn a more sketchy piece of line-art into a finished piece.”

Ed Moffatt from the UK, who supported multiple Game-Art-HQ Art Collaborations already, made the Moblin looking like a real threat in this illustration.

It is his first Link’s Blacklist submission and a pretty great one thanks to the play with the shadows and the Moblin stepping out of it or? 🙂



Moblin Zelda II Link's Blacklist 2015

There is one pretty friendly Moblin in The Legend of Zelda II: The Adventure of Link but the others are not so nice guys as seen in the last Link’s Blacklist illustration by Fredrik “fedde” Mattsson from Sweden who surprises us from time to time with quite unusual but great submissions. 

He named his take “Moblin Mobbing” a very serious problematic for many kids in schools and even adults at their workplaces when one or a group decides to be bullies. Not everyone can make a short process with them like Link 🙂



In Zelda II, there are three color variations of the Moblins actually with the orange ones being the weakest and the blue Moblins being the most powerful ones. Moblin Types Zelda II 

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