DOTA 2 Art by_purpleground02Two of the biggest and most popular games are getting a ton of great fan art with every new week, but both League of Legends and the DOTA (Defense of the Ancients) games are rarely getting attention here on Game-Art-HQ since we try to cover as many different games as possible and not focus on a few popular ones (Exceptions are made if we organized an art tribute project like currently with the many Link’s Blacklist articles)

This DOTA 2 artwork was made for an art competition but somehow made it not even into top 25. I thought it is still something really great and saw that other people wondered why it was not ranked higher as well. Who knows, maybe the displayed characters are not the most popular ones, or the style was not liked by the jury. This is still a damn cool piece and therefore featured as the first DOTA related image on GA-HQ since around 6 months!

Purplegrounds02 from Malaysia is the creator of this image and also a GA-HQ Contributor since he participated earlier this year in our Beat’em Up Tribute. In the next days you can also see his Goomba from Zelda: Link’s Awakening, made for Link’s Blacklist here.



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Luna Moonfang