Jax MKDA Bio

Jax MKDA Bio

Jax MKDA Ending 1

Jax MKDA Ending 1

Jax MKDA Oh Yeah!

Oh Yeah!

Jax Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance 

Jax returned alongside Sonya Blade in Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance but he has to be unlocked with 3780 Ruby Koins with the SA Koffin in the Krypt first.


Jax spent most of his time in the heavily fortified underground facilities of the Outerworld Investigation Agency.

From an enormous underground chamber, Jax would send his agents to other realms by way of man-made inter-realms portals.

Two of his agents, the cyborg ninja Cyrax and the rogue swordsman Kenshi, had been assigned to the realm of Outworld – a domain of strange creatures and maniacal sorcerers. Jax would soon be reminded of just how dangerous a threat to Earth that realm could be.


Jax returned with a very different design, instead of his metal arms he is using the Tonfa weapon and the Muay Thai and Judo fighting styles. He has a few pretty cool new special moves though with the Machine Gun being one of the funniest moves during MKA-MKA. Jax also talks a lot during battle.


Jax in his Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance design was drawn by Grapikad.

This was one of the last available spots for our project, it took over 16 Months until this design of Jax was claimed by an artist since we kontinued the project in summer 2012.

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