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Hsu Hao Official Alternate Bio from MKDA:

Hsu Hao gained access to an Ion Pulse bomb and infiltrated the heavily reinforced underground bunker that housed teh techno-portals designed by the Agency.

Barely evading Jax, Hsu Hao activated the portal to Outworld, switched on the bomb, and escaped into the portal before the Ion Pulse went off.

The Agency was destroyed and iwth it any means for inter-realm travel from Earthrealm. Hsu Hao must now make contact with Mavado in Outworld to receive his next objective.


In his ending in Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance he becomes the task to eliminate Shang Tsung, foreshadowing the break of the Deadly Alliance in Mortal Kombat Deception:

Hsu Hao reported to his superior, Mavado, and informed him of his success in destroying the Special Forces Outerworld Investigation Agency. Mavado then informed Hsu Hao of his next objective…

It seemed that Quan Chi was proving to be a powerful ally and was willing to aid the Red Dragon in its quest for domination of Earth. In a show of good faith, Mavado agreed to destroy Quan Chi’s enemies. The sorcerer suspected betrayal from Shang Tsung.

There was evidence that Shang Tsung had allied with the two Oni known as Moloch and Drahmin. Hsu Hao’s new orders were to eliminate the sorcerer Shang Tsung before the Oni eliminated Quan Chi.


In his unlockable alternate design, Hsu Hao is not wearing his cap and wears slightly different clothes

Hsu Hao was drawn in his alternate costume from Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance with his Sun Moon weapon by Bapabst

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