This costume design was once made for an art contest, and while it did not win, I believe it was one of the best looking submissions for it. As great as the super innocent nice Aerith costumes are in the games, some designs which show a bit more skin like this one wouldn’t hurt ūüôā

I saw this Рin my opinion Рvery beautiful custom costume design for Aerith from Final Fantasy VII back in the early 2013 already, and it was the reason why I invited AlNiCo-ism from Hong Kong to our group there on deviantART. 

Back in the day I told AlNiCo-ism already that we will have a Final Fantasy related art collaboration later in the year, and around 6 Months later it really happened and we have over 20 of the protagonists covered with 3 illustrations per character now.

Including Celes Chere and Tifa submissions by AlNiCo-ism!

Check out his gallery here!


Beautiful Aerith from FFVII Custom Costume


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