Baraka Mortal Kombat Gold Bio

Baraka MKG Bio


Blade Fury “3D”

 Baraka MK Gold Wins

Baraka Wins!!

Baraka Mortal Kombat 4 Gold 

Baraka returned as one of five classic Kombatants in Mortal Kombat Gold, the upgraded Dreamcast version of Mortal Kombat 4. As the only returning Kharacter he got a new visual design. Baraka was almost killed by Kung Lao but resurrected with the help of sorcery.

Quan Chi offered him a place next to himself as the new ruler of the realms and Baraka accepts while he has his own plan…


Baraka’s Moveset is almost the same as in Mortal Kombat Trilogy, including the Blade Spin which was added in that game while it was planned for Mortal Kombat II already.His only new move is the Blade Swipe where he impales his enemy with both blades and throws them over his head.


After Quan Chi defeated everyone including Shinnok nobody is left beside Baraka and the mad sorcerer. The unhappy Baraka impaled Quan Chi, who used his sorcery to create a clone of himself though. He kills Baraka with a simple trick when the Outworld Nomad tried to attack him.

 Baraka from Mortal Kombat 4 Gold was drawn /3D Modelled by Aemillius Resurrection from Argentina who participated with multiple submissions to our big Mortal Kombat Art Tribute. It is probably the most detailed and best looking illustration of Baraka in his Mortal Kombat Gold design ever.

He wrote the following about his work:

“I think the composition came out nice considering I rendered the character and the background separately. There’s a lot of photoshopping going on here dunno if the feet are too dark?

They sort of match the lighting that way, they also look rather small because of the camera angle, so I didn’t really mind hiding them a bit “

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