Fujin Mortal Kombat 4 Bio

Fujin MK4 Bio

Fujin MK4 Fatality

The Whirlwind Fatality

Fujin MK4 Ending

A New Protector for Earthrealm

 Fujin Mortal Kombat 4

Fujin is the God of Wind and one of the last Earthrealm Gods after the most of them were killed in the battle of the Elder Gods against Shinnok’s Forces.

He is ready to fight Quan Chi and even Shinnok in Mortal Kombat!


While Fujin is one of the new characters introduced in Mortal Kombat 4, his moveset includes some special moves which were similar to Kung Lao’s before in MK2-3. His Whirlwind Spin and the Dive Kick even have the same controller movements to activate them.

Really new and unique are his Flying Knee and his Leviatation Powers.


In his ending, the Elder Gods are thanking Fujin and Raiden gives him the task to serve the Elder Gods as the new Protector of Earthrealm while he himself will be an Elder God soon too.


Fujin in his classic Mortal Kombat 4 design was drawn by Emiliano Sanna

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